Pools Inside Of Pools


Another option to pursue with Uniwall is renovations. Rather than pay for expensive demolition, you can build inside the existing structure. There are various ways to approach this depending on the existing pool. One method uses anchors, threaded rods, nuts, angle brackets and a bottom track. So with Uniwall, you can renovate existing pools without removing the old pool or structure; you simply build inside it.

We custom design every pool so it doesn’t have to match the shape of the existing structure so it can be great for lazy rivers, bumper boat ponds and all kinds of pools.

Depending on the existing pool, you can build as close as 3 inches, but oftentimes it is advantageous to be 2 to 3 feet from the existing wall. This allows you to install new plumbing between the old wall and the new wall. Renovation is a very quick and cost effective method for Residential and Commercial pools.


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